Chrissy Spear-Mulder

I began in 2007 an exciting career in event management and marketing while working in the event industry. During my 12 years as a Sr. Event Coordinator, I personally produced events such as themed parties, music artist recording releases, brand launch events, and fundraisers, for small and large corporations alike. Creating events for Qualcomm, i2 Technologies and the renowned Marshall Faulk Foundation required deep insights into all phases of successful event planning. In 2013, I transitioned to working full time in marketing with Ameba Marketing, where I honed my skills in the digital and traditional marketing business segments. After a strong growth and learning phase, in 2015, my marketing career took me into the exciting entrepreneurial world. I became a Partner at VERB Media Group, where I was responsible for all digital marketing solutions from mid to large market businesses. My efforts spanned Civil Rights Law, Residential Real Estate, SaaS Products, and Sports Brands projects. In 2019 I created CMDA, a successful Website Development, SEO & Digital Marketing Company.

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