Jeff Marples

Managing Broker, Partner

Jeff Marples

BRE #01329244
As broker of record and partner at Marker Luxury Properties (“MarkerLux”), I help home buyers and sellers in San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years, through countless transactions of single family residences and condos, TIC’s and Co-ops throughout the city of San Francisco and in Marin County.

As a top residential real estate broker and a trusted advisor, I take great pride in improving my clients’ lives. “Extremely knowledgeable and personable, Jeff took care of our entire home buying process A to Z. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He delivers results.”

My bottom line is always measured by one single factor: Is YOUR best interest served? In the best way possible?

“We relied on his opinions when we were shopping around properties. Negotiations, follow-ups, and addendums were plenty during this process. Jeff saved us from multiple headaches and ensured the sellers followed through on all contractual agreements,  protecting us as buyers.” – John, purchaser of a Marina condominium. 

“Jeff was incredibly responsive and rarely took more than 5 minutes to respond to us, if he wasn’t immediately available. He went ABOVE AND BEYOND helping us find contractors for our upgrades ahead of our move. His comments on potential issues were spot on. “ – Alex, a buyer of a Russian Hill single family house.

“He guided us through the pre-listing process, setting up repairs, painting, staging, and much more. He also helped us with counter-offers and minor hiccups that came up during escrow, and was someone we could always depend on.” – Brenda, a seller of Pacific Heights townhouse.

Whether you are buying or selling a modestly priced condo,  a penthouse, or a single family home between $2 – 15M, my team and I leave no stone unturned to find the best price and the best fit for your needs.

Some of our clients cannot be physically on location. They have fully entrusted me and my team for property evaluations.

We also help investors with 1031 exchange of investment properties.

When asked, I am happy to refer to my clients my trusted painters, handyman, plumbers, flooring contractors, etc., to renovate and prepare their properties for the best pricing.

I collaborate with mortgage bankers, home loan brokers, agents around the San Francisco Bay Area, estate planners, divorce attorneys, wills and trust attorneys, financial advisors, tax attorneys, CPAs, home insurance agents or brokers, HR relocation professionals, marriage counselors, etc.

For an initial chat, feel free to call 415.336.9695, or email me at [email protected]

Gabrielle B.

Jeffrey offered very comprehensive, detailed, personalized attentive services that made the process unique and unlike the usual approach that is generally out there, so it was a very interesting, educational and almost a relaxing experience, compared to how it usually is. I liked how Jeffrey was on top of everything that needed to be done, needed to be checked into, and was able to get back right away with the information that was needed. He really gave individualized attention and moved the process along in an easy to deal with format for us. We have recommended him to others already.

Lisa R. - Marin

I have been their client and worked with them for one transaction and found them to be very personable and always available. Availability is very important. Even after my transaction was completed, I called them with some questions I had and they were very available at any time to help me. They were very helpful, so I really liked that. I like that they are willing to make themselves available at any time and have been very helpful.

Zara S.

Jeffrey was the only person we met. He was very helpful, friendly, nice, and thorough. I liked that Jeffrey was able to take us around and show us the different properties and was able to educate us on the market in San Francisco. It takes an insider who knows the market well and Jeffrey was able to help us find our condominium.

Ming C.

They are responsive, genuine, and trustworthy. I worked with Jeff on many deals. I like the ease of working with him.

Eric B.

Jeff was just responsive and helpful. When we had questions, he answered them for us, or when we needed him to do something for us, he got it done quickly.

Danijela S.

Jeffrey is very focused and straightforward. He works very hard and is attentive to detail. He is very proactive and goes above and beyond to provide everything the buyer needs to be aware of and should be educated about. He knows what is needed and makes certain everything is done correctly and completely. I like his no-nonsense practical and thorough approach. Nothing is done half baked. I know I can rely on him.

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